I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the work you are doing through Sammy’s Friends Foundation! Our son Sam is 5 years old and has a rare genetic condition (two base pair deletion on the STXBP1 gene). He has a history of seizures, and has global developmental delays. Physically and cognitively, he operates at around a 6-10 month old level. Although he cannot crawl or walk, he has very good core strength and head control, and he can bring himself up to sitting like a champ! For the past four years, we have been travelling from our home in Alabama to New Jersey several times a year for specialized Physical Therapy with Azriel Novogroder at Novogrow, LLC. Sam is a very tough case, but there is no doubt in our minds that Sam would not be able to do many of the things he can today without the help of the CME Therapy provided at Novogrow. As you can imagine, though, it gets pretty expensive to spend 3 – 4 weeks a year in a hotel and to pay our portion of those 30-40 hours of physical therapy intensives that are “out of network” for our insurance. So I was just thrilled when I found out recently that we are the recipients of one of the Sammy’s Friends’ Foundation PT vouchers from Novogrow, LLC! Thank you so much for making this possible – it is both an incredible gift for us, and an incredibly special way to honor your son’s memory!