How we help

At Sammy’s Friends, we support families in three ways:

Educate Parents
about Developmental

Frank and open information regarding what current developmental therapies are and how they may help your child. Please refer to our “Developmental Therapies” page on the website. The page contenvt is updated regularly to reflect the most contemporary knowledge. Please contribute or invite your medical professional contacts to submit articles.

Therapy Coupons

Developmental Therapy Rebate Coupon Program

We provide monetary assistance to help parents who incur excessive, ongoing out-of-pocket costs when pursuing unconventional and effective developmental therapies for their children. In today’s medical insurance, policies usually limit and frequently deny these specialized therapies and their required intensity. A typically family incurs weekly therapy session expenses at an average of $400 a week ($21,000 a year) in addition to their other medical and special needs. We work closely with highly selected Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists in the New Jersey area. These facilities are chosen for their professional skills and knowledge in a handful of innovative treatment methods and their outstanding results. The therapists or facilities receive allotted Developmental Therapy Coupons after each of our fundraise event. They in turn give the coupons to appropriate families according to written guidelines from Sammy’s Friends Foundation. The families are then instructed to submit their coupon with proof of their therapy payment to us for reimbursement.

On-line community for parents to connect and trade their excess care items via our Facebook page. Parents are able to share their experiences and form friendship.

Sammy’s Friends Foundation

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you would like to donate or are willing
to learn more about us. We strive to respond to all inquiries.